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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Half way!

This week the UK starts with a bank holiday, and I'll start with a new age…

How did this happen?

I've hit the big 40, I still feel like a teenager!  Friday started with a decorated desk from my lovely work colleagues, with hastily removed balloons as believe it or not I have an allergy to them. 
Our friends Al & Tunde came over for fish, chips and pea fritters in the evening from our local chip shop (the best ever!) 

Dinner with family, tea and cake with friends and a collectors fair still to come x


  1. I love Sindy like you, and I remember your first blog. Good luck with the new blog. Keep on and have fun. Would love to follow each other? :)

    1. I've tried to follow you! But think I've done it wrong, please check on your blog!!!

      Thank you for the luck too :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Not long until I hit 40 too!

    1. Ekk, thank you! Happy Birthday to you too :)