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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Going Potty for Julia Davey

I work with a very nice man who's daughter is a ceramic artist, he's always telling us little stories from behind the scenes as we drink our coffee with maybe a bickie or two.

I've never looked at her work, not sure why, then someone bought a badge for the jubilee, I saw it and loved it. I ordered five for family keepsakes, i'm really pleased with design (not to fussy) and they're good  quality too! I've since had a proper look at Julia's website and her style is very me, I now just have to decide which of the possible three jugs I'm gonna buy!

 Why not have a browse too juliadavey.com 

My lovely brooch

Tea for Three

I spent last Saturday in the lovely company of two good friends, we don't see each other enough, stuff just gets in the way and before you know it months have passed. We normally do coffee and browse the shops, the sort boys don't like! This time we decided to something a bit different, we had a Jubilee cream tea at a nice hotel. The thing about a cream tea is you never think you've had enough until you realise you stuffed full! It lovely way to start the weekend, there was even belated birthday gift, so thoughtful.

The weather has been atrocious this pass week, I really hope it's not been too wet wherever you are and your homes are safe and dry.

My Cream tea ladies

Monday, 11 June 2012

Rain, Rain go away...

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Can someone please send this rain away? 
Being of vertical challenged disposition, If I get any wetter I'm gonn'a shrink, that's not good!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Basket Case

I love to go junk-shopping or thrifting as those over the pond call it, either way I love it! 
My latest conquest s are these…

How yummy is this? I want this to fill with pegs…

See, how good does that look?

My next buy has had some controversial reviews from Bob…

I quote " that is the most disgusting thing you have ever brought home"…Harsh!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Patriotic cake!

Well, that's the Jubilee over and done with the GBW (great british weather) proved a damper and 'long to reign over us" had a slightly different meaning, especially after three weeks of fantastic sunshine, but being British, we do rain well.

Our street had a party, I've never done anything like this; I was around in 1977 (just!) but lived in a small village with a village park where all the celebrations were centred.

Homemade Bunting

To decorate the house I made some crochet bunting for the front window, I did have one pack of bunting in readiness, but wasn't keen on it, so Saturday morning I made my own. 

It was slow to start, but one by one each house hung flags, balloons, bunting and the like, until the first section of our road was bedecked in Red, White and Blue.  Around two o'clock on Sunday something rather magical happened,  all the cars moved and the road was closed, garden tables were erected, bowls of food arrived, ditto drinkies and people chatted. We had music, laughter, children "playing out" and a convivial atmosphere hung over our road, then it started to spit with rain, then it chucked it down heavens hard, so we packed everything up and all ran back inside!

 It's been a long time since Britain united in this way, everyone seemed to really get behind the Jubilee in one way or another. It made you proud to be British, you don't often get to say that, I hope you had good Jubilations whatever you did :)