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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Tuesday is my favourite day for having a rummage at the thrift shops. Today I went to my best one, the good old Salvation Army…

yummy pyrex, I left this…great restraint needed

knitting needles, zips and other craft items

These are my purchases...

A Gaytime Assortment biscuit tin, this must be from the 70's with it's the ubiquitous brown, orange and snazzy doily pattern!

and this sweet embroidered napkin

I got this for my Niece…

and left behind a small wooden painted shelf which I think I'll have to go back a get, hope it's still there!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend starts here...

The weekend always starts on a Friday night…

After all the excitement of the Olympic opening ceremony I had a lazy breakfast with my Mum in a local garden centre, she had the bacon sarnie and I just had a coffee. Afterwords we had a mooch around the flowers, I love agapanthus but I just can't keep them alive!  

The sun was still out in the afternoon, I painted my toes and popped some sandals on, my cat wasn't impressed with my nails or the hot weather and spends most of his time lying in the shade of the garden or under our bed.

Sunday bought the rain so Bob and I cooked lunch, mine being veggie with plenty of mint sauce! A little telly and a bit of crafting, I'm hooked on making these little friendship bracelets, I used to make them in my teens as their quick and easy to do, this ones for Bob. 

And before you know it, the weekends over *boo!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Things I like about summer 1

Some things only are made better with a healthy dollop of sunshine!

alfresco snacks...

yummy berries...

deck chair stripes...

power for my solar lights...

even my cooking looks edible!

These are mint pea and chickpea burgers with tzatziki (sans breadcrumbs)
from the Waitrose recipe everyday menus

You will need

400g Chick peas, drained
300g Marrowfat peas, drained
2tsp mint sauce
200g tub of Tzatziki (although you only need 2tbsp for recipe)
1 egg beaten
50g breadcrumbs
2 tbsp vegetable oil

the method couldn't be easier

chuck chickpeas, marrowfat peas and mint sauce with the tzatziki into a food processor and whizz into a coarse paste and season. Scoop out and mould into burger shapes (as above)

DIp burgers into the beaten egg followed by the breadcrumbs

Heat oil in a large frying pan and gently fry for approx 3 mins each side until golden

Serve with remaining tzatziki and a pitter and a nice fresh side salad.

This only took about 30mins to do so doesn't eat into those all important leisure hours!

Flower Surprise

Imagine the scene, me pottering in the garden and the knocker on the front door "Knocks"
I scramble to the door, hair askew, nails full of mud and slightly out of breath, to find a man with a bunch of flowers and a clipboard

" I think you have the wrong house" I joke

" Is this…" and he's got the right address,

"and are you…" and he's got the right name so "

"well these are for you then" he replies

" are you sure, things like this don't happen at this house!" says I laughing with a slight mad looking grin on my chops, so I take the flowers, sign the docket and shut the door quick
before he realise's his error!

They're from Bob's best mate, I designed a brochure for his business as a favour,
and without either of us knowing he sent me these! 
Aren't they lovely, there's phlox in them too 
which I love…happy moments x

Friday, 27 July 2012


Barriers by Katy's Clutter

Barriers, a photo by Katy's Clutter on Flickr.
We've just be to see Bob's parents who live in Walton-on-Thames which will have the Olympic cyclists whizzing through their streets tomorrow and Sunday. It's all getting quite exciting!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


I went to my favourite charity shop and look what I found…

they're not a pair as such, but they look great together.

A quick wash a brush up and they'll look fab!

They both even have their original keys… I decided a bit of creative crafting could only add to the vintage glamour!

I love this magazine, Mollie Makes and this months edition there is a tutorial for luggage tags
so I decided to give it a go...

Instructions and all materials provided

I did a bit of improv and stitched around the frame section
adding a little detail, that's just the way I roll!

added a little made with love tag I had in my stash

and et voila a vintage style tag for my vintage case. Easy to make  and great to look at x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Oh what a perfect day...




katysclutter craft




It started with a trip to buy some space fillers for our garden from the local farm shop. Our gardens very green at the moment, but with little colour, hopefully the sun will bring out the blooms. 

Off for a coffee and a little snack, just to keep my energy levels up, nom, nom, nom!

Home to check on my apple (still there) with a touch of crafting under an umbrella, shielding me not from the rain but the sun…who'd have guessed it after last week?

A flick through the new Homes & Antiques for a little life envy and a whizz round blog land. A perfect day off x