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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Well just one more sleep and we're there, having been ill for over a week I feel like I've lost ground on my preparations and would like another week to faff about.

Still can't always have what you want so I've started on the Quality street like a woman possessed and trying to watch some festive telly, all that remains to be said is...

Monday, 23 December 2013

Craft Swapping

Firstly my gift tag swap organised by the lovely  Mezz makes stuff, I was partnered with Mary from the whimsicalteapot.blogspot.com we shared a love of our favourite festive film*

Make 15 gift tags and post to your partner, I was lucky enough to receive these from Mary,

These crossed seas and ended up in Australia, lucky them!

I used some of my smaller vintage fabric stash with buttons, stamping, old paper and felt to create three sets of five, two large, one small, all on baker twine.

My second swap was with Ladybird Diaries for this I was paired with Mel from Mellie moo crochet and really pleased I was (not just because of the chocolate!)  Her lovely decorations are now hanging on our tree and my letter to Santa is on my mantelpiece, waiting!

In return I sent Mel these!

I really enjoyed making something for a complete strangers, hoping they would love my makes too x

* favourite film National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

It's late, blowing a gale so i'm off to bed, just two more sleeps...

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mini Renovation

I've been doing at little house renovation...

I found this in a junk shop on the way home from a trip to Ikea...

A few applications of paint and pretty paper courtesy of Tiger, some old dolls house furniture,  and handmade curtains with homemade curtain poles and we're beginning to look like home.

New Windows are just sheets of acrylic for little peeps to peer into a mini magical world. 
A few more tweaks and I'm done, hopefully the new young owner of this little Des-res will have as much fun with it as I had (have!) with my own

Having a dolls house when I was little allowed me many hours of quiet play in a world of my own. What more could a parent ask for!

Also, I've been doing a bit of this...