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Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

I spent the evening with my Mum yesterday (girly time) and today we spent the day with Bob’s family, which has been lovely. Now we’re watching old films, eating peanuts, drinking tea in the warm. As a nod to the evening festivities I have painted my nails in Rimmel Precious Stones Diamond dust nail polish.

Wherever you are, who ever your with and what ever your doing, I hope you have fun.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Taking it easy

Well that's the "Big Day" done, now we're on the wind down. Elastic trousers are the order of the day as is festive socks and a plump array of cushions.

I've made my way through two Carry On's and I'm waiting for Carry On Camping (at your Convenience is my favourite).

 I've nibbled through my own body weight in mince pies, homemade chocs, toasted cheese sandwiches and not to mention my first ever attempt at a Homemade Christmas Cake! (very nice it is too)

I hope you all had a wonderful day and have enjoyed it as much as we have x

Monday, 24 December 2012

The night before Christmas...

Finally it's here, after colds, a heavy work load, more colds, crafting, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, cake making, biscuit making, finishing work and secret Santa, and of course the Strictly Final (phew) we're finally here!

my Christmas mice an idea from Prima

my Mum and Sister at Winchester Christmas Market (it was freezing!)
my TREE!

Pom poms in my Kitchen

and the love of Secret Santa!

so now i'm in my jim-jams watching telly waiting for Santa

Merry Christmas 

to you all

Enjoy xxx

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


A good friend of mine Alison Heath has teamed up with two other artists Mayu and Akiko Takizawa to hold an exhibition in East Dulwich, London. This will be taking place in a fantastic gallery space/come shop, know as ' Colour Makes People Happy' which proudly claims to be the longest shop in South London!

So if your in the area why not pop along. Find more information here

*Thank you*

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Feeling crepe...

I've been feeling a little lethargic of late, don't know if it's the darker nights, colder weather or I'm just fed up.

I decided to try and rectify the situation and have started taking Berocca, they look like a big refreshers and taste *tropical* lets hope they work!

 On Thursday I went for a walk with my Mum for some fresh air, on the way back we stopped for lunch

not quite sure this is healthy, Nutella and banana crepe, but it did make me feel much better!

That's all, just a quick post as I've not be here for a while…thank you all for you're lovely comments. They make good reading and I love visiting your blogs too x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

You know its Autumn when...

You know its Autumn when you start cooking stews, harvest your mammoth crop (yes, my one and only apple!)

My Mums gold fish were also impressed with my apple and came to have a look when I took the photo at her house...

You know its Autumn when the light changes in your home,

You know its Autumn when you spend nearly £15 on Guilty Pleasure magazines…

You know its Autumn when you start finishing of crafty things you forgot about during the summer that never was…but was also amazing for other sporty reasons…
(this is my knitted Jane Torvill, I still haven't knitted poor old Christopher Dean!)

and finally you know its Autumn when the flip-flops/wellies get put away and the sensible 
shoes come out. 

Before we know it, it'll be time for twinkly lights (can't wait!) x 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Holiday Days Out : part four

This was our last official day out, as in, get in the car and drive a long distance with snacks. Bob and I went to Ardingly Antiques and Collectors fair in you've guessed it West Sussex! Weather was still good if not a little breezy, this must be the first time I've been to this fair and it's not rained…

loads of kitchen dressers and goodies

I had this tricycle as a wee one *much love* although I didn't by it, I did by the little girl picture
below, she'll go nicely in this room. 
I also bought the little round mirror, I'm putting together a collection of these frameless mirrors for our front room, I fancied a round one! My next purchase needed a little negotiation, not with the trader, but with Bob. I have a fetish for 70's toys, our house is groaning under the weight of them. When I spied this house I knew I was in trouble...

I had a house just like this as a child, It's by an English company called Toy Works and is 16th scale. Mine disintegrated in the loft, although most of the furniture you see is my original stuff. I already have a Lundby House and a Carolines Home and have agreed to dispose of one of my others to make room for this.

I also haggled for a large amount of Sindy stuff, most of which I didn't want, but I'd spied nestled in the box a Sindy wall of sound…fabulous!!! Nearly *fainted* after a purchase of a battery and bulb from our local electrical shop (fab place) I found it all works *excitement*

I think i'll be ebaying some of my unwanted stuff and hopefully that should help pay for the stuff I keep!

So that's my holiday days out done and dusted, the beach chairs are back in the shed, the windbreaks rolled up ready for next time, and its goodbye to this bridge.  We go under this every time we head for the South Coast, I use this as a sign that we're on my way to a little adventure by the sea!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Holiday Days out : part three

With the weather still playing ball (!) Bob and I packed out beach bags and heading for Climping, a lovely beachy area nestled between Littlehampton and Worthing in West Sussex. Giving credence to the rumour that we're old before our time, we took a packed lunch, beach chairs, books, change of cloths and of course our windbreak!

We parked our car, made camp and went and got a fresh tea (natch) then spent 4 hours vegged out with our books and nibbles - perfecto!

Our boot fair fabric windbreak, purchased three years ago for the bargalicous sum of £2.50!
A constant beach necessity...

Every now and then a girl needs time just relaxing!

after an afternoon of total relaxation and slight wind burn, feet and knees (?)
we headed for a bite to eat and a meander along the Pier at worthing, then back in the car and home. 


Holiday Days out :part two

The weather turned out to be utterly fantastic so we packed ourselves off to Deal, on the Kent coast, on the way we stopped of in a small village called Walmer, a nice little spot by the sea. We naturally had a cuppa and made a purchase at the bakers ( well we were on holiday!) I would show you the massive Belgian bun we bought but it didn't last that long!

I forgot to take any photos in Deal!! It was sooo hot, I did manage a rum and raisin ice-cream though!

On our way back we stopped at Samphire Hoe (never heard of it but it was signposted so…) It's a natural haven for wildlife, flora and fauna, created from the chalky residue left over from excavating the channel tunnel. You take a side road and wait at the tunnel entrance, when your light goes green of you go, all a bit odd!

It was really rather lovely and a nice place to stop...

and of course have a cup of tea!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Holiday Days out : part one

Finally I'm back in the swing of things, early mornings, walking to work, all day in an office, the usual… But for two glorious weeks we had the freedom to what we wanted

My first outing was to Kempton Antique and Collectors market with my Mum, she loves a bargain too. It's a great place to spend every other Tuesday morning, it opens early! the day we went was a chilly start!

so much I wanted to buy, check out those pans* swoon*

Vintage sewing 

shake the bottle…wake the drink!

My purchases enclosed five of these young ladies…Sindy is my favourite vintage toy

she came dressed in this lovely handmade dress

a headscarf, vintage Blyton to go with my collection and a whimsie!

For the rest of the week I also managed to squeeze in coffee with an old friend, did some house work (boo) and caught up on some good old films.

Kempton Market is free to get in and can be found at Kempton Race course.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beachy Peachy

This week Bob and I have had a whirlwind of days out, for once the weather's been good to us.

Walmer Beach fishing boats

Samphire Hoe tunnel

Tea at Samphire Hoe

Climping Beach- beautiful

Sindy enjoying the sun!

our wind break - a trusty piece of kit!

A proper holiday snap shot to follow but now I'm off to bed!
Tomorrow we're off to Ardingly collectors fair…hope it's still sunny!