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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Firstly, A big thank you to all my new followers and people who have left me positive comments, big hugs!

A recurring theme with my blog apart from my lack of grammar and spelling is my love of a good rummage (as my Nan called it) and a good bargain. It comes from a long line of women who had to make do and mend when money was tight. I find it hard to throw things away and now send any unwanted items to charity or to be recycled.

Many charities have specialised shops for furniture and these are little Aladdin's caves of styles gone by and the ever present change in trends.

 baby items

A lovely vintage wooden cot and dressing table (they had the tri-fold mirror) mixes with a futon
and an Ikea daybed...

A four poster! in the background you can just make out a formica table and kitchen chairs...


loads of lampshades and cushions all waiting to be up-cycled or used just as they are.

This particular charity shop arranges when it can, its furniture in room displays so you can see everything as it would look in your home. It also has an area of bric-a-brac and accessories. 

Have a look near you, you may just find what your looking for at a fraction of the price! 
What did I buy? My mirror, frameless with chain…£8 bargain!

Frameless Mirror

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bank Holiday

To start our bank holiday weekend we had a birthday at thrifty towers, Bob's another year old and none the wiser, but I love him so...

Unfortunately he had to drive to Bristol on Saturday for work, by the time he returned the rain had stopped play so we didn't bother to do much during the day, we did however do the pub thing with friends in the evening, a late night was had by all. I fear i'm getting too old for that malarky, it took us ages to recover, soooo out of practice!

A cuppa and a toasted tea cake and a little light bargain hunting helped with the recovery process...

This little lady was on the 50p stall? I couldn't leave her behind could I?

Bob chose this, Donald's a chalkware lamp, his rifle is broken but I can live with that...

By the Monday evening and we we're chilled out and ready for the week ahead, 

for me, that's two weeks off work,  I'm d-mob happy! Bob's off next week so we're doing a few days out, Ardingly being the top of our list!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Cute Camper

A week or so ago we went to a small bike shop called PedalPushers (great name) to get some tyres for my vintage push bike. On the way we passed a handmade sale being held in pub (what's not to love). After ordering the tyres we went to find the pub sale, now this sale was down a road we couldn't seem to get to it by car , so we went by foot with our trusty wits as navigation and we stumbled on this really cute road...

 just enough to get a car down and lined by trees.

How fantastic is this camper, the chap working on it and was only to happy for me to take her picture, I love the interior wallpaper and exterior colour!

The sale was very small and a little hard to get any descent photos. But on the way
back we did purchase one thing!

Friday, 3 August 2012

A little light craft

Last year I went to a lovely wedding , two good friends tied the knot with a lovely reception at RIBA (Royal institute of British Architects) building in Portland Square in central London, a beautiful day was had by all.

The theme was green and white, a team of us went pom pom crazy and I emptied the local area of vintage and pressed glass vases to decorate the small outside terrace. 

 I can't really believe a whole year's gone by, to celebrate the passing it's traditional to give paper.

An afternoon of sticking and glueing later and I'd made a small token of a handmade gift, a cracker complete with moto, snap, gift and confetti!

You can find easy tutorials to make crackers on the net or just wing it like I did! I used three loo rolls (romantic) removing the end two when the cracker was rolled up, double sided tape, paper (various types) ribbon and a paper pricker thingy to help when pulling the cracker apart!

I finished off my cracker with a paper fan yoyo, vintage button and ribbon.

A card was also made from vintage material, a stamp, a little stitching with a transfer to finish.

and my moto… you both pulled a cracker!