Friday, 7 June 2013

Old Windsor Carnival - Then and Now

This weekend is the annual carnival in Old Windsor, and whilst I was explaining to my work colleagues what a Donkey Derby is and why I wasn't surprised it was raining, Donkey Derby night is historically the wettest night in Old Windsor!

I found this on google Old Windsor Carnival - Then and Now

A chance purchase of some cinefilm at a carboot by a Katherine Mammone lead her to get funding from Ideas Tap to produce a second film to accompany the original of the Carnival in 1972 for her degree show. That year was the year Billy Smart came to town,  and that was the year I was born!

Fast forward a few years, and whilst being in the 2nd Brownies I got my float moment - can you guess the title of the float?

Got it yet?

I'm second from the left in the second row, the shortest bunny!  The theme title - Watership Down
nice and cheerful then!

PS My sister also had her float moment as an Arab on Concorde, the parents made an impressive cardboard Concorde but sadly I don't have a photo or theme title, but trust me, it was good!


  1. In the village where I live there were always the May Day parade. The floats were always amazing, I can remember being so excited, I never got to be on a float! Great photos! :) x

  2. Thanks! I've been today and as always it was good fun! x

  3. That look such fun! Loving the sound of your sister's surreal float, too. x

  4. Great photos. In the small market town where I grew up there was a carnival held every June. As a child I loved watching all the floats and waving at everyone as they passed. I think they have now stopped the floats as they say it is too dangerous. It's such a shame because my two young daughters would love it now.

  5. Awww - how lovely. Gorgeous costume.

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