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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Holiday Days Out : part four

This was our last official day out, as in, get in the car and drive a long distance with snacks. Bob and I went to Ardingly Antiques and Collectors fair in you've guessed it West Sussex! Weather was still good if not a little breezy, this must be the first time I've been to this fair and it's not rained…

loads of kitchen dressers and goodies

I had this tricycle as a wee one *much love* although I didn't by it, I did by the little girl picture
below, she'll go nicely in this room. 
I also bought the little round mirror, I'm putting together a collection of these frameless mirrors for our front room, I fancied a round one! My next purchase needed a little negotiation, not with the trader, but with Bob. I have a fetish for 70's toys, our house is groaning under the weight of them. When I spied this house I knew I was in trouble...

I had a house just like this as a child, It's by an English company called Toy Works and is 16th scale. Mine disintegrated in the loft, although most of the furniture you see is my original stuff. I already have a Lundby House and a Carolines Home and have agreed to dispose of one of my others to make room for this.

I also haggled for a large amount of Sindy stuff, most of which I didn't want, but I'd spied nestled in the box a Sindy wall of sound…fabulous!!! Nearly *fainted* after a purchase of a battery and bulb from our local electrical shop (fab place) I found it all works *excitement*

I think i'll be ebaying some of my unwanted stuff and hopefully that should help pay for the stuff I keep!

So that's my holiday days out done and dusted, the beach chairs are back in the shed, the windbreaks rolled up ready for next time, and its goodbye to this bridge.  We go under this every time we head for the South Coast, I use this as a sign that we're on my way to a little adventure by the sea!


  1. Great finds, our charity shop has one of those houses in, no furniture though! Ada :)

  2. Love the Bambi and the big eye print!

    1. Thanks, I got him at a carboot about two years ago, he's made of plaster/chalk and what you can't see is I snapped his tail off before I got home *whoops!*

  3. Ah, what a nice market! I feel your blog gradually acquires its own personality. I like it! :D

  4. All those goodies - I think I would never want to leave.

    Nina x

  5. Very lovely indeed - my dear friend lives close by to Ardingly and we are always saying that one day we will go there. I know what you mean about doll's houses - I have to 'move on' a few of ours I think (sadly they take up a fair bit of space!)
    Happy hunting