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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Holiday Days out : part one

Finally I'm back in the swing of things, early mornings, walking to work, all day in an office, the usual… But for two glorious weeks we had the freedom to what we wanted

My first outing was to Kempton Antique and Collectors market with my Mum, she loves a bargain too. It's a great place to spend every other Tuesday morning, it opens early! the day we went was a chilly start!

so much I wanted to buy, check out those pans* swoon*

Vintage sewing 

shake the bottle…wake the drink!

My purchases enclosed five of these young ladies…Sindy is my favourite vintage toy

she came dressed in this lovely handmade dress

a headscarf, vintage Blyton to go with my collection and a whimsie!

For the rest of the week I also managed to squeeze in coffee with an old friend, did some house work (boo) and caught up on some good old films.

Kempton Market is free to get in and can be found at Kempton Race course.


  1. used to sell at kempton
    great market for true bargains
    {nowadays a bit far for me to travel from spain]
    shame i miss the buzz and my clients...
    glad you had fun and good luck
    with the work routine x ...


  2. Oh, did not see your post Katy...! What a nice market, and your Sindy is beautiful. I'm sure you've already put pretty. (sorry, my English is horrible)I like the last photo of the bookcase.