Saturday, 25 May 2013

Being Crafty

I recently had a week off to be lazy and have some crafty "me" time, it didn't really go to plan but with a inspiration from fellow bloggers, crafty magazines and a little trial and error I finally managed to get crafty!

My Nan used to remove all buttons and zips from clothes before throwing them away. Whilst watching a film one evening I twiddled and twirled one of the zips into this floral'esque brooch, which I rather like.

My friend Alison, a print artist and social media teacher and I had a pop at making some earrings, rings and hair slides. We've been collecting unusual objects to continue this idea most of our beads came from Japan which, Alison sourced whilst on a photography project. 

This little mosaic was a birthday gift and made a pleasant afternoons distraction to the pouring rain,
plus I have a shiny new coaster!

finally my sewing machine saw action after a little inspiration from Lazy Daisy and 
Mary Jane Baxter.  I finally made some head bands from vintage buckles and some vintage pillow
cases as well a some modern cotton. Just for fun I knitted a bow hair slide!

after all this creativity I needed a little rest!


  1. Wow you have made so many lovely thing.

  2. I've never seen that done to a zip before! What a good idea! :) x

  3. I like the mosaic, has been very nice. :D

  4. I love the zip corsage and that belt makes me weak at the knees, it's a masterpiece. xxx

  5. Just wanted to stop and say hello after discovering your blog. I love the hair grips, so pretty.

  6. I love that zip brooch, what a clever idea! Gorgeous mosiac, happy belated birthday! x