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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Thursdays Finds

Last Thursday I had coffee and a mouch about with my Mum, we both have Thursdays off so if neither of us has anything planned, we get together for a couple of hours. This week she came to me. Firstly, and quite rightly, we hit the charity shops and then onto lunch…here are my finds

These are so sweet...

How delicious are these? That sunburst lid is just gorgeous...

Now this chappie was love at first sight, my other half thinks it is "disgusting and naff!" (direct quote)
I'm taking votes on this, not trying to sway the vote but I LOVE HIM/HER!

*Thursday was a good day!

*if your interested, Mum bought two pyrex casserole dishes with lids, a pyrex butter dish all in the Chelsea pattern and a vase.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Diet Coke Break….yes please!

After a bit of cutting back and sweeping of leaves in the garden, I'm hopeful it will off set the iced finger I scoffed with a cup of steaming coffee to warm up…I just need this fellow to do a little garden maintenance through the year…*dribble*

Diet Coke anyone?