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Monday, 25 May 2015

Orla and her coffee jars

Like many others I've spent the last few weeks hunting down jars of coffee.  Why would I be doing such a thing you may well ask?! I blame social media, really I do!

Some might say I'm a marketing mans dream,  in part, I know that not to be true. Many adverts on T.V get the small print scrutiny from me, products that get 60% positive feedback compared to their usual brand, when tested on 90 people, doesn't cut the mustard and frankly don't impress.

But, here's my problem, brand my favourite coffee in Orla Kiely printed jars, in three different patterns...well that's a different matter. After seeing envying them being happily displayed in kitchens across the land, panic sets in! Will I find them before they sell out? (after all they are limited edition! )

The answer; Yes, I did an online order and got them delivered to my door.  I'm keen, but a little lazy, panic over!

It's not the first time I've had a rush to the head over a product I've seen on the Internet.
Anyone remember the hunt for the Aldi fake crochet table cloth!  Three purchased, thank you!

I like things that cheer up the ordinary tasks in life, so with that in mind here's a new one to look out for...Plastic Dolly Pegs! They grip like an all in wrestler, don't leave "wood stains" on your clothes and they come from Poundland. A whole British pound for a little updated nostalgia when hanging out your briefs, marvellous!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Missing in Instagram again

This feels really funny, I haven't posted to my little old blog in well over a year. One of the main reasons was a slight shift in my health and motivation, when life bowls you a googly, you tend to take stock and regroup.

I'm still not quite as I should be, but as they say, that's life. One of the things I invested my endless time in was Instagram. Hospital now has free wifi, thank god, so I was able to communicate with the outside world and all my friends by posting pictures (mainly of my meals) to cheer me them up!

I've made good IG friends, many I already followed or they followed me in blogland. The main attraction for me, is that you can post instantly, with just a few words and generally the hash-tags do the work for you...I've always been lazy :)