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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


A good friend of mine Alison Heath has teamed up with two other artists Mayu and Akiko Takizawa to hold an exhibition in East Dulwich, London. This will be taking place in a fantastic gallery space/come shop, know as ' Colour Makes People Happy' which proudly claims to be the longest shop in South London!

So if your in the area why not pop along. Find more information here

*Thank you*

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Feeling crepe...

I've been feeling a little lethargic of late, don't know if it's the darker nights, colder weather or I'm just fed up.

I decided to try and rectify the situation and have started taking Berocca, they look like a big refreshers and taste *tropical* lets hope they work!

 On Thursday I went for a walk with my Mum for some fresh air, on the way back we stopped for lunch

not quite sure this is healthy, Nutella and banana crepe, but it did make me feel much better!

That's all, just a quick post as I've not be here for a while…thank you all for you're lovely comments. They make good reading and I love visiting your blogs too x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

You know its Autumn when...

You know its Autumn when you start cooking stews, harvest your mammoth crop (yes, my one and only apple!)

My Mums gold fish were also impressed with my apple and came to have a look when I took the photo at her house...

You know its Autumn when the light changes in your home,

You know its Autumn when you spend nearly £15 on Guilty Pleasure magazines…

You know its Autumn when you start finishing of crafty things you forgot about during the summer that never was…but was also amazing for other sporty reasons…
(this is my knitted Jane Torvill, I still haven't knitted poor old Christopher Dean!)

and finally you know its Autumn when the flip-flops/wellies get put away and the sensible 
shoes come out. 

Before we know it, it'll be time for twinkly lights (can't wait!) x