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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hope you all had a Happy Easter even though it was a chilly one!

i've updated my tree with feather birdies from Tiger (brilliant Shop) and I made the eggs from a pattern in Making and made a few more poms! 

My Easter started Wednesday as I don't work Thursdays. One of my work colleagues retires this month and took us all out for dinner, about twenty of us! I'm third from left

I baked Banana bread

I knitted egg cosies for my Niece and Nephew (these were the free pattern from a daily newspaper
I cheated a little on the design) They're keeping Kinder eggs warm

We watched ITV3 and enjoyed the old films. I did some knitting to those too

My tree is now an Easter Tree in now in the front room,
you may remember this tree for here and here!

Notice my little owl, I knitted this over Easter, if you look closely, you can see the pattern in the previous picture! Its from a Christmas knit book I mentioned before, here he is close up

Isn't he Tweet!

ps I've been very good and only chomped two Cream Eggs (honest)