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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Making and Bake

I've been having a little make and bake, as you do!

A card for Bob's Mums 80th Birthday, made one evening out of old books, clothes and buttons! How very frugal, I think I've become a super scrimper, note to self, must make a jaunty orange hat to wear at all times.

Cakes for the Birthday girl, a tray bake Bakewell and Lemon and Lavender fairy cakes. Found the recipes online, however prefer the frangipane from Mary Berry's recipe, so next time i'd use hers for that bit and mix it up a bit. They did taste gooood though!

A hug card for a friend who needed one. The buttons are the free ones from Mollie Makes. I love using old book pages stamped up with sentiments, the paper has an almost linen quality to it which makes it sturdy enough to sew and manhandle. The book came from a charity shop and was so much cheaper than buying paper from craft shops, the cover and spine had given up so I'm giving it a new lease of life!

Finally my saucy vases, made from posh brown and tomato sauce bottles! Is there such a thing?
I can't remember the name of the sauce just that it was reduced! I added ribbon and…ta dah rather nice vases don't you think?

I didn't make this! It's just a nice sky just briefly to cheer us all up! 

Now I'm watching the rain…boo!


  1. Those bottles do make good vases! Your Bakewell tray bake looks delicious.

  2. Hello Katy, congratulations to your mother in law. The card is lovely, and the vases too. Happy weekend!! :D

  3. Happy 80th o your mother inlaw, the card and cakes look great.

  4. I think homemade cards are fab, much better than bought ones....love those 'vases' too! :) x

  5. ...with cherries on the top. What a lovely idea.

    Nina x

  6. Hi Katy, just found you via your kind comment over at mine. Love your cards and pretty photos.
    I'm your latest follower.
    Jacquie x

    1. How lovely of you to drop by and thank you for your kind comments too x