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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Car Booty Sunday

What do you do when you wake up early and the sky looks like this?

Well, if your me you go car booting!

I love this Tonka Winnebago and you can just see a 70's Kenwood just popping it's head into view!

you can buy all manor of things…a new house perhaps, compact with original features needs modernisation?

Nice crockery and bric-a-brac 

the loveliness in the picture above was above my price range…
more shop retail prices than Sunday car booter ;(

These are my buys!

Inspired by Ada at Vintage sheet addict!

Yummy plates for yummy treats

baubles and angel for the tree

is it ever too early for Christmas decorations??

No! thought not, fingers crossed the lights work! 

What did you get up too?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Making and Bake

I've been having a little make and bake, as you do!

A card for Bob's Mums 80th Birthday, made one evening out of old books, clothes and buttons! How very frugal, I think I've become a super scrimper, note to self, must make a jaunty orange hat to wear at all times.

Cakes for the Birthday girl, a tray bake Bakewell and Lemon and Lavender fairy cakes. Found the recipes online, however prefer the frangipane from Mary Berry's recipe, so next time i'd use hers for that bit and mix it up a bit. They did taste gooood though!

A hug card for a friend who needed one. The buttons are the free ones from Mollie Makes. I love using old book pages stamped up with sentiments, the paper has an almost linen quality to it which makes it sturdy enough to sew and manhandle. The book came from a charity shop and was so much cheaper than buying paper from craft shops, the cover and spine had given up so I'm giving it a new lease of life!

Finally my saucy vases, made from posh brown and tomato sauce bottles! Is there such a thing?
I can't remember the name of the sauce just that it was reduced! I added ribbon and…ta dah rather nice vases don't you think?

I didn't make this! It's just a nice sky just briefly to cheer us all up! 

Now I'm watching the rain…boo!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Photo Scavenger - March

This month I participated in the photo scavenger hunt hosted by Green thumb over at Made with love, these are mine, if you want to see all the entries they're all here


Chickpea and mint burgers! (they taste better than they look!)


Crazy Golfballs

Person in Uniform

Changing of Guard in Windsor




My favourite summer shoes

A gate

in our garden with an old borrowed sign

Micro Mini Eggs yummmmmmm


the best ever veggie Jelly on a plate

during the summer


view from John Lewis Cafe in Kingston


This is mine and I love it!



 why not join in!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hope you all had a Happy Easter even though it was a chilly one!

i've updated my tree with feather birdies from Tiger (brilliant Shop) and I made the eggs from a pattern in Making and made a few more poms! 

My Easter started Wednesday as I don't work Thursdays. One of my work colleagues retires this month and took us all out for dinner, about twenty of us! I'm third from left

I baked Banana bread

I knitted egg cosies for my Niece and Nephew (these were the free pattern from a daily newspaper
I cheated a little on the design) They're keeping Kinder eggs warm

We watched ITV3 and enjoyed the old films. I did some knitting to those too

My tree is now an Easter Tree in now in the front room,
you may remember this tree for here and here!

Notice my little owl, I knitted this over Easter, if you look closely, you can see the pattern in the previous picture! Its from a Christmas knit book I mentioned before, here he is close up

Isn't he Tweet!

ps I've been very good and only chomped two Cream Eggs (honest)