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Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Year of a Twiggy Pom Pom Tree

Last year I made some twiggy trees in jam jars to decorate the tables at our office Christmas party. Dog wood twigs from the garden painted and sprinkled with glitter, topped with red wool pom poms created the tree framework. With cheapo star battery lights from Poundland woven through the twigs, a Happy Christmas garland made from ink stamping, bakers twine and an old book completed the look.

After the party I gave each of my Pom pom crew (the girls helped make the pom poms) a tree and took one home for myself, adding a vase in place of the jar and my twigs have gone a full year and decorated our table and mantel with each season.

Christmas 2012

Easter 2013

with the edition of handmade fabric eggs

Summer 2013

Multi coloured poms and a robin!

Christmas 2013

Silver mini baubles in place of poms, a feather bird and glitter festive greeting (lights still working!)

Now 2014 

Loads of feathered birds and a pom to match each one, adding a little colour
on these wet, windy days.

My twiggy tree has made me smile with happiness all year, not sure my OH would agree though!

The birds came from Tiger (2013) and only cost a few pounds 

The lights - Poundland £1!

Multi Pack batteries for lights ( I had originally 6 sets of lights) Poundland £1

Paint, Glitter and Wool for Pompoms - already owned.

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