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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Burnt Jam Hearts

As a couple we don't do roses or go for a "special" meals out to celebrate Valentines Day, we're more of a large bar of chocolate with a cuppa tea and a homemade gift kinda couple. How could I forget my love heart roll that was so heavy and hard it never went mouldy and was kept for years or my love heart jam tart that I forgot was in the oven a burnt so badly it welded itself to the baking tray? You don't get that kinda quality gift from the supermarket do you? (!)

So after fifteen years I tend to stick to cards and non-baked goods!  Whilst dusting (!) today I found a few of my most recent efforts wedged between some books in our dining room. Some sewn, some paper cutting and even a little vinyl and wire work too!

 None cost as much as a shop card just a little time and effort which is what Valentines is all about x

Happy Valentines Day! Do you make your cards and gifts? I'd love to see them!

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