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Monday, 9 October 2017

Shelf Re-vamp and Re-cycle

After taking stock of the clutter at Clutter Towers, we needed extra display space!

I had this little shelf unit in the shed and now is the time for an up-cycle and repurpose to let it shine.

As usual I was so keen, I forgot to take a before picture! Lets just say it was orange wood and filthy!

First a good clean and a coat of  Rust-Oleum chalk based paint, in Anthracite.

After two coats, old Ordnance Survey maps have been applied to the bottom of the 
shelves with Modge Podge and given a coat of Americana Decor matte varnish. 

The woodwork was given a coat of natural wax.

I hung the shelves upside down so the curved edge is at the bottom, 
from the sofa you can see the maps, much nicer than the bottom of bare shelving.

Now a place for all my twinkles!

I'm not normally a fan of painted wood, but can see the benefit when the items are just cheap and need a new lease of life. Much better than ending up in landfill.

I'm really happy with the way this turned out, so easy!

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