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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pride and Joy

I've fed, trimmed, teased and generally pampered my little tree, and at first all looked hopeful with lots of blossom. Then we had the heat wave at the wrong time of year, as much as I tried to keep her happy, she lost some of her blossom.

In the weeks following it's rained and rained.

I now have only one little apple, no apple could be more cared for and fussed over.  

I have a fear that one night as I sleep in my bed dreaming of apple pie (a very small one I grant you) that some freak lighting bolt or some little critter will snatch my apple from its branches and my pride and joy will be no more. 

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  1. If you give so much love, sure to become a great apple. Have a lovely weekend. :o)