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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend starts here...

The weekend always starts on a Friday night…

After all the excitement of the Olympic opening ceremony I had a lazy breakfast with my Mum in a local garden centre, she had the bacon sarnie and I just had a coffee. Afterwords we had a mooch around the flowers, I love agapanthus but I just can't keep them alive!  

The sun was still out in the afternoon, I painted my toes and popped some sandals on, my cat wasn't impressed with my nails or the hot weather and spends most of his time lying in the shade of the garden or under our bed.

Sunday bought the rain so Bob and I cooked lunch, mine being veggie with plenty of mint sauce! A little telly and a bit of crafting, I'm hooked on making these little friendship bracelets, I used to make them in my teens as their quick and easy to do, this ones for Bob. 

And before you know it, the weekends over *boo!


  1. The opening ceremony was fantastic, unbelievable. I was thrilled the first half, when they climbed the huge fireplaces and all citizens were working hard. Oh! and Mr. Bean, I thought to die of laughter ... Have a nice week! ;o)

  2. How amazing was that opening ceremony - even the kids went 'wow'

  3. I must admit I was a little nervous it would be really bad, but I was really impressed with the show. My best part was the making of the fifth Olympic ring. Impressive *WOW

  4. I have followed you over from Flickr....lovely blog!
    I am a little bit in love with Peter, hope you dont mind!