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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Tuesday is my favourite day for having a rummage at the thrift shops. Today I went to my best one, the good old Salvation Army…

yummy pyrex, I left this…great restraint needed

knitting needles, zips and other craft items

These are my purchases...

A Gaytime Assortment biscuit tin, this must be from the 70's with it's the ubiquitous brown, orange and snazzy doily pattern!

and this sweet embroidered napkin

I got this for my Niece…

and left behind a small wooden painted shelf which I think I'll have to go back a get, hope it's still there!


  1. Wow, lots of bits and pieces in here...I've just started my own blog aout art and craft. I think I might take myself into a charity shop and see what I can find everything is so expensive from craft shops like hobbycraft.

  2. Hello, definitely worth doing, I buy clothes to cut up for material, sheets and duvet covers, buttons, wool the lot, it's a fraction of the price and for a good cause too! I'll be over in a tic to check out your blog x

  3. I was trying to make the photos bigger to see the goodies!

    I love the Pyrex - I am after the turquoise and pink ones... SO hard to find :(

    1. If I ever see any one my trips I'll keep you in mind! I collect the ones with roses on :)

  4. Oh, that store is a small paradise!!!! And your cookie jar reminds me of the furniture of the 70's Sindy. Do not you think? ;o)