Saturday, 28 July 2012

Flower Surprise

Imagine the scene, me pottering in the garden and the knocker on the front door "Knocks"
I scramble to the door, hair askew, nails full of mud and slightly out of breath, to find a man with a bunch of flowers and a clipboard

" I think you have the wrong house" I joke

" Is this…" and he's got the right address,

"and are you…" and he's got the right name so "

"well these are for you then" he replies

" are you sure, things like this don't happen at this house!" says I laughing with a slight mad looking grin on my chops, so I take the flowers, sign the docket and shut the door quick
before he realise's his error!

They're from Bob's best mate, I designed a brochure for his business as a favour,
and without either of us knowing he sent me these! 
Aren't they lovely, there's phlox in them too 
which I love…happy moments x

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