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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bank Holiday

To start our bank holiday weekend we had a birthday at thrifty towers, Bob's another year old and none the wiser, but I love him so...

Unfortunately he had to drive to Bristol on Saturday for work, by the time he returned the rain had stopped play so we didn't bother to do much during the day, we did however do the pub thing with friends in the evening, a late night was had by all. I fear i'm getting too old for that malarky, it took us ages to recover, soooo out of practice!

A cuppa and a toasted tea cake and a little light bargain hunting helped with the recovery process...

This little lady was on the 50p stall? I couldn't leave her behind could I?

Bob chose this, Donald's a chalkware lamp, his rifle is broken but I can live with that...

By the Monday evening and we we're chilled out and ready for the week ahead, 

for me, that's two weeks off work,  I'm d-mob happy! Bob's off next week so we're doing a few days out, Ardingly being the top of our list!

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  1. I really feel the same, just a gin-tonic and the next day my head explodes. Hey, I like the blue van. ;O)