Friday, 24 August 2012

Cute Camper

A week or so ago we went to a small bike shop called PedalPushers (great name) to get some tyres for my vintage push bike. On the way we passed a handmade sale being held in pub (what's not to love). After ordering the tyres we went to find the pub sale, now this sale was down a road we couldn't seem to get to it by car , so we went by foot with our trusty wits as navigation and we stumbled on this really cute road...

 just enough to get a car down and lined by trees.

How fantastic is this camper, the chap working on it and was only to happy for me to take her picture, I love the interior wallpaper and exterior colour!

The sale was very small and a little hard to get any descent photos. But on the way
back we did purchase one thing!

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