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Friday, 3 August 2012

A little light craft

Last year I went to a lovely wedding , two good friends tied the knot with a lovely reception at RIBA (Royal institute of British Architects) building in Portland Square in central London, a beautiful day was had by all.

The theme was green and white, a team of us went pom pom crazy and I emptied the local area of vintage and pressed glass vases to decorate the small outside terrace. 

 I can't really believe a whole year's gone by, to celebrate the passing it's traditional to give paper.

An afternoon of sticking and glueing later and I'd made a small token of a handmade gift, a cracker complete with moto, snap, gift and confetti!

You can find easy tutorials to make crackers on the net or just wing it like I did! I used three loo rolls (romantic) removing the end two when the cracker was rolled up, double sided tape, paper (various types) ribbon and a paper pricker thingy to help when pulling the cracker apart!

I finished off my cracker with a paper fan yoyo, vintage button and ribbon.

A card was also made from vintage material, a stamp, a little stitching with a transfer to finish.

and my moto… you both pulled a cracker!


  1. It was a nice job. And what a lovely couple. Good weekend! ;o)

  2. What a great idea! Your blog is 'right up my street! Ada :)

  3. How beautiful and I love all the little crafty bits and bobs.

    Nina x