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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Firstly, A big thank you to all my new followers and people who have left me positive comments, big hugs!

A recurring theme with my blog apart from my lack of grammar and spelling is my love of a good rummage (as my Nan called it) and a good bargain. It comes from a long line of women who had to make do and mend when money was tight. I find it hard to throw things away and now send any unwanted items to charity or to be recycled.

Many charities have specialised shops for furniture and these are little Aladdin's caves of styles gone by and the ever present change in trends.

 baby items

A lovely vintage wooden cot and dressing table (they had the tri-fold mirror) mixes with a futon
and an Ikea daybed...

A four poster! in the background you can just make out a formica table and kitchen chairs...


loads of lampshades and cushions all waiting to be up-cycled or used just as they are.

This particular charity shop arranges when it can, its furniture in room displays so you can see everything as it would look in your home. It also has an area of bric-a-brac and accessories. 

Have a look near you, you may just find what your looking for at a fraction of the price! 
What did I buy? My mirror, frameless with chain…£8 bargain!

Frameless Mirror


  1. I love a good rummage too! Never know what you might find! Ada :)

  2. I love antique mirrors!! I'd like to get one, or apply a treatment but it seems. I wish you a good weekend! :O)