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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Belated Birthday

Last week was my birthday, every now and then I have the day off to fully enjoy the delights of tea, cake and a extra lie-in. This year I went for a whole week which I fully intended to use to finish all my crafty projects and enjoy some time to myself, huh!

Saturday was spent buying Anti-virus for all our computers *exciting followed by a stint giving the garden a quick tidy up, our neighbours have had new fence erected and it makes our garden look much better!

the bunting was made for the jubilee street party, it's been outside all winter and is still going strong!

Myself and Bob got together with a few chums and a few drinks were consumed!!

lovely presents were gifted, all excellent...thank you very much x 

far too much of this passed my lips...the large carrot cake and bakewell fairy cakes
with custard topping my sister made ( a triumph) didn't even make it to film! 

eventually this did make an experience on Sunday night, which was not quite what I'd planned, I did get some crafting done which I show you once its all photographed x

p.s I been scooting round and enjoying all your blogging over the week too, enjoyed your car booting finds and seeing what your all making. So thank you for keeping me company!


  1. Happy Birthday, even if it is a bit late.....you look like you've had a fab week! :) x

  2. Happy Birthday Katy!!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The cake looks delicious and your garden has a special charm. Hugs :D

  3. Sounds like you had a great birthday, your garden is looking pretty.

  4. Happy belated birthday to you. Am glad to see your bunting surviving I took mine down from the shed when I heard the forecast for this week I didn't realise it was so tough I shall go hang it back out again now. Sarah x