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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Well Planted

Today I visited  the local plant sale, held at the local church in the village I grew up in. It's a trip I make every year.  I'd liked to say it was the reasonable priced plants, the book stall, 50p a book, or catching up friends and family, which of course is all good, but what I go for is a cuppa tea for 50p with FREE biscuit of your choice (chocolate chip cookie) and the homemade cake stall!

I purchased three geraniums, a phlox, a poppy and three books and two cups of tea,  Mum bought a fruit and coconut cake which was (past tense) delicious :)


  1. I wish there were more of these, garden centres are too expensive for me now! :) x

  2. Sounds like a nice thing to do, I'm always on the look out for plants.

  3. We have one in the next village, I think it was yesterday too but I missed it as I was working. I like a bargain plant or a bargain anything for that matter!

  4. Oh Katy, I'm wanting to see the photos! :D

  5. I can see we all love a plant sale :D I tried to take some general photos but my camera ran out of juice! I really enjoy little village sales, you never know what bargains you can unearth!

  6. How sweet, I went to the farmers market yesterday for plants and the tea was far more than 50p ... Sarah x