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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mouse about this house...

For Christmas I got a stash of craft books, another guilty pleasure to go with many others!

One of them has quick things to knit and crochet from stash oddments with a festive theme. The book is "Little Christmas Decorations to knit and crochet by Sue Stratford & Val Pierce". 40 projects of all capabilities to get stuck into. A few of the decorations, if you give the Christmas extras amiss, would do for any time of year.
So may I introduce you to Tina the Twirling Birthday mouse!

You knit her in the flat and sew the seams together,  with a little persuasion she eventually looked mouse like! Her arms and tail are worked as an icord, and ears in two parts then stitched together.

My only wish was a picture show you what she looked like in the flat, as a one point I nearly started again as it looked really, really wrong!

She's now twirled off wrapped in tissue paper to my chum, Cheryl. Happy Birthday x


  1. Very difficult for me, but your mouse was cute. Have a good week! x

  2. what a sweet mouse!..I like the look of the owl too. I just got your parcel in the post..thank you so much! So many LoVelY LOvEly to add to my collection! Sorry I'm so slow on sending your goodies to you...I will sort it out today and get it in the post tomorrow, was it the dragonfly brooch that you liked? What a pleasant suprise, I'm going to have a cuppa and take a look through the book ...thanks again xxx

    1. Any brooch will do! For once I got organised, Glad you liked!

  3. So cute and great to get some craft books - not guilty at all... ;)

  4. How cute!! Yes I have to say books are another obsession of mine! Have a lovely weekend! Karen x