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Thursday, 28 February 2013




bunny made from air dry clay

I love Pom-poms, easy to make and cheerful too, like fairy lights, I just get enough! A few years ago I scored a pom-pom maker from a car boot sale, new in its box, never used, such waste. I used to make poms the old school way,  two circles of card with small balls of wool from mum and nans scraps. Now I have scrap's of my own to turn into things of beauty…well that might be over doing it just a little bit…

My little white bird is made from air dry clay, I pushed him onto a clear drinking straw so I could stick him in to the foliage of pot plants such as herbs. Now all my herbs are dead  *ekk! So he's in with the twigs!

**This would be a simple easter project with or without little ones, you could make bunnies from clay or little eggs which you could then paint, or why not make Pom-Pom Bunnies????! Why didn't I think of that before...


  1. Ooh I love pom poms, I keep meaning to make some but a pom pom maker sounds like a good idea. Love that sweet little clay bird too. x

  2. Oh so lovely, that little bird is so very cute.

  3. Gosh I haven't made a Pom Pom in years! :)

  4. I love pompoms too!!! They look lovely on your twigs...Karen x