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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Today we had sun

a fresh boiled egg from a local chicken

shadows on wooden floor

kensington uggs

Today felt a lot warmer, It started with a boiled egg which came from my friends, Nan's neighbour, so was nice, fresh and full of lovely yellow yolk, just like sunshine on a plate. Looking all the better for being served in one of my vintage car boot egg-cups.

Although the sun was bright enough to cast shadows on the floor, it's not time to stash the winter boots away just yet…

and as far as my cats concerned it's still winter business as usual!


  1. Yes, I sat in it, in my conservatory.....in a t shirt, yippee! :) x

  2. I want to see the sun too. I'm sick of the cold weather! x

  3. That was a whole lot of sun, you must have had our share.

  4. Love your boots! There is something so relaxing about a cat fast asleep in his little bed....bring on the sunshine! Karen x