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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Not much has happened today, we've visited family, eaten the lunch I prepared yesterday and watched some catch up telly while making pompoms* (more on that soon!).  We've done this with the house bathed in beautiful spring sunlight. Now while I sit typing this, the solar lights are shining nice and bright. They've been blinking on and off over the last few weeks, but this weekend they're really looking good.

Spring is just round the corner (can't wait!).


  1. Love the lights...I think they always create a lovely homely feel. I have fairy lights in my kitchen all year round as in the evenings they are just bright enough to see the kettle and feel all cosy! Karen x

  2. Yes, it is beautiful to see the sun, after so much rain. I too am looking forward to the spring (and my garden too Lol) :)